First rays of sunlight on Bear Mountain & Snow Summit

Sunrise over Big Bear Village


What you will find at this website, is a collection of scenic photo images showcasing Big Bear Lake, and the surrounding mountain wilderness areas.

So here it is, the continuously evolving gallery of images that best illustrate how I see my mountain home, Big Bear Lake.  Enjoy!

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Big Bear Lake is a year round resort, at an elevation of 6750 feet, located at the east end of the San Bernardino mountains, which is in reality an isolated alpine mountain wilderness completely surrounded by desert.  This island wilderness is home for many unique, diverse, plant and wildlife that can’t exist at lower elevations.  The constantly changing dramatic weather patterns, the spectacular sunrise and sunsets, the tall pines, and rugged mountains all provide an unlimited number of photo opportunities for photographer and the millions of vacationers who visit each year.
I believe that photography is a very personal thing that can be enjoyed by anyone.  If you are visiting Big Bear, and would like additional information as to how and where the images on this website were made, I encourage you to visit  There you will find a ton of photo tips and tricks about how to best to capture your own landscape images.  Photographing sunsets and scenic’s is easier than you might think, and many of today’s cell phones or pocket cameras are capable of producing higher quality images than yesterdays professional cameras.